If you love apples, or they tie in with your theme and want to make them a feature of your day- here are a few ideas to get those juices flowing. 

Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First

As an edible centrepiece- Instead of sugar and fat laden favours- why not have a bowl of apples in the centre of each of your tables for your guests to munch on?

As your colour scheme- You can have apple green bridesmaid dresses or red apple ribbons on your cake to name a couple of ideas- place a few about the tables at your reception to tie it all in.

To go with your theme- If you've having a country fair theme- toffee apples work great as a favour, as a dessert for your evening guests or as a cheeky treat instead of appetisers.

In pie- If you're favourite pie has always been apple- why not have pie for your dessert at your wedding breakfast or have a wedding pie instead of a cake?

As your venue- If you would rather be surrounded by hanging fruit instead of flowers- why not hold your reception at an orchard and have your wedding photographs among the trees? They will bring out the colours in your bouquet if that's the theme you've opted for.

As candle holders- Simply cut out the top of the apple in a handy tea light shape and slot a tiny candle in for a different and inexpensive table decoration.

As place names- Make a leaf shaped tag with each of your guests' names on, attach it to an apple and place one at the table for every person attending the wedding breakfast.

In cider- If you and your partner's favourite drink has always been cider, then why not serve a barrel of it at your reception, or give all the adult guests a little bottle of your beloved tipple?

As a juice- If you want a cheaper alternative to champagne, red, white or rose wine- why not have freshly squeezed apple juice instead? Or as a welcome drink as they arrive at the hotel? It will fit in great with a spring/summer wedding to quench the thirst of your guests and stop them from getting too drunk too early. Great for the kids too!

To flavour your cake- If you don't dig fruit cake and you think vanilla and chocolate is too mainstream- flavour your wedding cake with apple instead. It will give it a citrusy kick and certainly surprise your guests.

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