In June 1968, Hepburn was invited by friends on a Mediterranean cruise where she met the Italian psychiatrist Dotti, who was nine years her junior. The couple reportedly fell in love when they went on a trip to see some Greek ruins and got married on 18th January 1969.

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn

Hepburn was thirty nine when she married Dotti and openly said that she wanted more children within her new relationship. She was supposedly happy to end her acting career and become an 'Italian housewife'. She got her wish and had her son Luca on 8th February 1970 but was apparently careful to rest during her pregnancy. She reportedly spent the majority of it painting before having her son by caesarean section. Hepburn tried for another child with Dotti; however, had a miscarriage in 1974.

Dotti seemed to be in love with Hepburn and believed to be liked by her son Sean Hepburn Ferrer (son of American actor Mel Ferrer); however he allegedly started having affairs with women younger than his wife. However, she reportedly also strayed from the marital bed while filming with Ben Gazzara in the 1979 movie Bloodline.

After both being unfaithful, Dotti and Hepburn lasted through thirteen years of marriage until it ended on 21st September 1982 when their divorce was finalised. She apparently felt that her children were old enough to be raised by a single mother at that point.

Despite not having contact with her previous husband, Ferrer, after their split, Hepburn apparently remained in contact with Dotti for the sake of Luca.

Source: IMDB and Wikipedia.

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