As it's Mickey Mouse's Birthday today, we have a look at the top five Disney weddings courtesy of Forever The Disney Kids.

Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First

Ok, we all know that love and weddings will never match one that Disney portrays, but after that argument with your boyfriend or when you are single it instils a sense of faith back in the romance of marriage.

Robin and Maid Marion’s Wedding- Robin Hood

Two foxes ride into the distance in a carriage, steered by a bear, with a rabbit in tow, as they are waved off by an emotional turkey and a lion in robes, after having rice tossed over them by mice- the stuff childhoods were made of! You can’t make this stuff up….wait

Cinderella and Prince Charming’s Wedding- Cinderella

I can’t get my birds to eat the food from my feeder in the garden but somehow Cinderella manages to get them to carry her veil on her wedding day and again those mice are throwing rice at the bride. Clearly a Disney wedding staple.

Tiana and Naveen’s Wedding- The Princess and the Frog

When your wedding gets the attention of a whole woodland community and makes a crocodile cry you know that you are onto a winner. And realising that you are not going to spend the rest of your married life as a frog is also a bonus too!

Rapunzel and Eugene’s Wedding- Tangled

Having a horse and a chameleon as ring bearers has to beat the son or daughter of a family member and religious or not every girl would love to get married in a church as big as that one!

Ariel and Eric’s Wedding- The Little Mermaid

If I had known that simply kissing the love of your life would automatically change your outfit into the wedding dress of your dreams, I would not have set foot out of the door to go dress shopping for my big day. And they have certainly catered for both sides of the family too- on a boat so both the merpeople and the humans can come together as one. I would say that King Triton and his people have more of an advantage when it comes to skipping bill payment though!

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