Whilst many of us decide on a summer wedding with the promise of warmer and hopefully drier days, for some of us, the thought of a winter wedding is simply the most romantic idea of them all. Naturally snow can rarely be predicted, but the crispness of the weather, the richness of colour choices and the difference in clothing styles is simply irresistible.

Are you getting wed in the winter?

Are you getting wed in the winter?

Here’s how to plan a winter wedding that is sure to create an overwhelming feeling of warmth just when it is needed most.

Dress appropriately

Yes, you can have the dress of your dreams when the weather is decidedly chilly. Even if you want a sleeveless number, the addition of a shrug type cardigan or stole will ensure you can say your vows without shivering.

Naturally, heating is widely available, but for travelling to and from destinations or if you are taking your vows in a large church, you need to consider keeping warm. For most, this is a style bonus, letting you dress in an outfit that is a little different than the en-masse summer variety.

And don’t forgot shoes - go for a pair of heels if that is what you want but make sure a friend or relative grabs a pair of more functional shoes just in case.

Consider travel

Whilst it would be great to think that we live in a country where travel is never disrupted due to the weather, we know that this is not the case. Snow and ice can hit at any time but late January to mid-March is the season peak. Think about routes to your chosen destinations and to avoid any last-minute stresses, it may be sensible to keep to main roads that will be pretty much guaranteed to be clear.

Menu choices

Winter weddings give you an opportunity to go a little less traditional perhaps with your food. Think hearty stews, soups and even steamed puddings with a twist - a winter wedding is certainly an opportunity to do things slightly differently.

Don’t forget to consider your choice of drinks, with more warming liquids certainly a choice whereas at a summer wedding they would be treated with a degree of bemusement.

Remember, remember the 25th December

Unless you are specifically looking to theme your wedding around Christmas, it may be best to plan a date outside of December and early January. Venues are often booked up year in and year out for the festivities but also you may want your wedding to have the undivided attention of the events team.

The honeymoon

Don’t forget that if you want to honeymoon after the nuptials where the sun shines, in the winter months you are looking at more long-haul travel plans. This can make things even more appealing to some but if you’re expecting to just pop over to Europe, your choices will be more limited.

Embrace the season

Winter weddings have the advantage of creating a look that can be a little different from that of the traditional summer wedding.

Bouquets can be full of rich, deep colour with plants and even twigs that would not normally be considered in warmer months.

Be bold, be brave and be in tune with the best that the winter season has to offer.

Evelyn is an events expert and the founder of www.theperfectpackagecompany.co.uk