Katherine Keigl and Josh Kelley celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary today so we share some things you might not know about the couple. 

Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley (Credit: Famous)

Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley (Credit: Famous)

1. The couple got engaged in June 2006.

2. They first met on the set of his music video 'Only You' in which she starred.

3. He wrote the song 'Hey Katie' for her not long after.

4. They decided not to live together until after the ceremony, to leave something new and exciting until after the marriage. "I think I just wanted to save something for the actual marriage... I wanted there to be something to make the actual marriage different than the dating or the courtship." (Wikipedia)

5. Heigl and Kelley married in Stein Erissen Lodge in Park City Utah on the 23rd December 2007.

6. All of her co-stars in Greys' Anatomy, TR Knight (groomsman), Sandra Oh, Ellen Pompeo, Kate Walsh, Justin Chambers as well as Grey's Anatomy spinoff series Private Practice star Kate Walsh were in attendance.

7. Heigl walked down the aisle to a song that had been specifically written by Kelley and was performed by cello and guitarists.

8. They both wrote their own wedding vows.

9. Two years later the couple announced on the 9th September 2009 that they were adopting a baby from South Korea. 

10. Later in September they adopted Nancy Leigh (named after Heigl's mother and sister), who has the nickname of Naleigh.

11. The couple adopted another baby, Adelaide Marie Hope in April 2012 from the US.

12. In June 2016, the couple announced that they were expecting their third child. 13. Heigl gave birth to a son, Joshua Bishop Kelley, Jr., on December 20, 2016.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Katherine and Josh!

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