When I matched with Steve on eHarmony I knew he was the man for me as I always wanted a man who just ‘got’ me and we clicked instantly.

Kitty and Steve

Kitty and Steve

Our relationship seemed to flow, like we were the missing pieces of each other’s puzzles and after a year and a half we spoke about getting married. One day we went on a stroll through town together and walked past a small, quaint jewellery shop with a beautiful display of rings in the window and we decided to pop in for a browse. What was meant to be a quick visit turned into a ring fitting and we left with my engagement ring! There couldn’t have been a better way for us to get engaged – it was natural, organic and fuss-free.

A few weeks later on an outing to Winchester we took rest at an intimate little spot along the river. Steve got down on one knee and proposed with the ring! It truly took me by surprise and I was overwhelmed by the thought he had put behind it. The setting was ideal and it felt like we were in our own little world.

Our wedding, however, wasn’t quite as intimate as the proposal! It was hard for us to settle on a wedding location as our families lived far apart and we didn’t want a huge party. We had spent hours agonizing over locations and Steve eventually came across Graceland Chapel in Las Vegas.

Nine months later we had boarded the flight and were en-route to Vegas to get married by Elvis no less!

The wedding planning was a little unusual as we had to organise everything over the Internet but it was totally worth it. I was in my wedding dress as we walked through the hotel to the limo that took us to the chapel and people were congratulating us and taking pictures. That’s when it really hit me and I thought “I’m in Vegas… in a wedding dress”. We really had to throw ourselves into it and soak up the atmosphere!

It was on the cusp of twilight when we arrived at the chapel. Elvis greeted us and walked me down the aisle for what was a very romantic half hour ceremony. The chapel was intricately decorated in true 70s style. Our nearest and dearest attended including my sisters, mum and her best friend who delivered me and Steve’s best friend.

After the ceremony, a limo whisked us off to a restaurant for a mouth water wedding breakfast with our guests. It was a Friday night and the city was totally buzzing so there was a real celebratory air around us.

The fun didn’t stop there though as we hired a car and travelled across deep America for a month and ended up in the Jazz capital of New Orleans. It was such an adventure and being on the move, exploring together as newlyweds made it the trip of a lifetime.

Any friend or family of mine would tell you that, if I ever got married, it would never be a traditional white wedding and we look back with fond memories and a smile on our faces.