To celebrate National Creative Ice Cream Flavours Day- here are a few reasons you might want to consider having the chilly stuff on your big day. 

It's nostalgic

It's nostalgic

Everyone loves ice cream- You can guarantee that no matter where you get married, ice cream will go down well with your guests because it's all year round favourite.

The cart can be personalised- You can have it emblazoned with your names and the date of your wedding or have it specific to your colour theme so it all ties in with your choice décor on the day.

It's different- Those who are already married probably didn't think to do it on their wedding day, so it will certainly be a talking point among your guests.

You'll become trend setters- The more guests you have the more couples who are headed for marriage will follow in your footsteps. But everyone will remember who had the idea first.

It makes for a great picture- A picture of the bride and groom scooping out their first ball of ice cream together- it doesn't get more album worthy than that! Guests can get snap happy too once the important shots are out of the way.

It's a novelty- You could have the venue serve ice cream but it simply wouldn't be the same as having it served from an old fashioned ice cream cart.

It fits in with most themes- If you're going modern or 'ye oldy worldy', it doesn't matter because it fits in with either. The suppliers can decorate it to look like it's from years gone by or to look more contemporary so it blends in with whatever.

It works well in all seasons- In the summer it's reminiscent of an outdoor fete, in winter it's something you can indulge in by the fire. There's no reason to exclude a chilled dessert just because it's cold outside- ice cream sales go up in the winter- so that tells you all you need to know!

It's a fun dessert- If you're getting married in an expensive hotel that charges the earth for individual desserts for everyone, this can be a fun alternative that doesn't break the bank.

It's nostalgic- Most of your guests will have a favourite ice cream shop they frequented on their holidays as a child or enjoyed ice cream from the truck that stopped in their street. Ice cream brings up memories of happy childhood moments and indulgences.

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