When it comes to getting married, many Brits are shunning tradition and going abroad for their big day.

Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First

In fact, one in six British weddings now take place abroad and, unbelievably, the Bride and Groom are saving huge amounts of money.

Despite the travel costs obviously being more expensive than they would be if the wedding were at home, other aspects are much cheaper.

Brides and Grooms are saving money on the wedding’s venue, caterers, entertainment, and they’re also rolling the wedding and honeymoon into one which cuts costs massively.

LV insurance found that couples can save up to £10,000 if they choose to get married abroad.

So not only is it the guaranteed good weather that will entice Brits to foreign shores, but also the reduction in cost.

Whilst it may be cheaper for Brits to marry abroad, their guests will have to fork out if they want to be part of the wedding.

Guests have paid almost £7.3 billion over the past five years to be part of a wedding abroad on travel, accommodation, new outfits and wedding gifts.

It’s thought the average guest will pay £2,000 on a wedding abroad, compared to only £500 for a UK wedding.

This means that guests will often have to sacrifice their own holiday, or at the very least cut back on what they were going to spend.

The main reason a couple will choose a destination is because they have family living there. This was followed by good weather, and an exotic setting.

Selwyn Fernandes, Managing Director of LV= travel insurance, said, “Choosing to marry abroad can be a savvy move to save money and guarantee good weather – but it can be costly if you’re a guest.

“Combining the wedding trip with your annual holiday is a good way to save cash, but you shouldn’t cut back on travel insurance.

“With as many as one in ten guests getting sick or injured at overseas weddings, it’s vital you’re covered should the worst happen, even if you’re only away for a few days.”

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