Watching lots of TV makes people need to use the toilet at night.

Watching TV makes people need the loo at night

Watching TV makes people need the loo at night

Adults who spend five hours or more per day watching television or videos are more likely to need to urinate multiple times per night - a condition known as nocturia - a new study has revealed.

Boffins at Wenzhou Medical University in China assessed data on more than 13,000 people aged 20 and above and it was revealed those who spent over five hours glued to screens had a 48 per cent higher risk of nocturia compared to those who viewed TV or videos for less than an hour per day.

The experts wrote in the journal Neurology: "As individuals increasingly engage in screen-based activities, a comprehensive understanding of the impact of extended TV and/or video time on patterns of nocturia is crucial for both healthcare professionals and public health practitioners.

"Our research showed that individuals who spent five or more hours a day watching TV and/or videos were significantly more likely to develop nocturia."