An alien spaceship could have crashed on Mars.

Aliens could have crash-landed on Mars

Aliens could have crash-landed on Mars

Scientists have said that they cannot rule out an extraterrestrial ship as the cause of strange, pointy protrusions that have been found on the Red Planet.

Earlier this year, NASA's Curiosity Rover photographed what appeared to be rows of spikes, plates and wedges protruding from the surface of the 96-mile-long Gale Crater.

Researchers have cautioned that "a fragment from an extraterrestrial or terrestrial spacecraft cannot be discounted with absolute certainty" as they pointed out that wheels, an axle and a debris field had been pictured in a different part of the crater.

Professor Richard Armstrong, first author of the study at Aston University in Birmingham, said: "There is no way of proving for certain what the spikes are but the balance of evidence would suggest 'sand spikes' resulting from seismic activity on Mars.

"I suspect the enigmatic 'wheels' are a separate phenomenon. Mars images show strange formations and features which 'look like' familiar objects."

However, Professor Armstrong added: "Any debris field on Mars would certainly suffer erosion over time, especially from wind."