A Bakewell pudding that was launched into space has gone missing.

space bizarre

space bizarre

The homemade dessert - which was propelled into the stratosphere on Monday (18.06.18) with the aide of a high altitude balloon by pupils at St Anselm's Preparatory School in Derbyshire - was attached to tracking devices but has gone MIA since it was last traced over Saxilby, near Lincoln.

Liz Scott, director of studies at the school, told the BBC: ''Last year, we launched a high-altitude balloon in preparation for this experiment and it was found by a couple on a beach near Skegness, who used the contact details on the balloon to let us know where it ended up.

''We're hoping the same thing will happen again and we'll find out where the pudding ends up.''

The ongoing search has attracted widespread attention on social media from the likes of Stephen Fry, who tweeted: ''My country, my country.. (sic).''

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