NOW and The Bat Conservation Trust have joined forces to protect the UK's dwindling bat population.

Ben Fogle is backing the bat box offices

Ben Fogle is backing the bat box offices

To coincide with the launch of the film 'The Batman' on the streaming service, a limited-edition batch of bat boxes have been designed and will be distributed for free – following advice from the Bat Conservation Trust that putting up bat box shelters in domestic gardens makes them more bat-friendly.

Bats are one of the most endangered species in the UK, with six out of 18 indigenous species at risk of extinction.

Bat populations are so low that there is just one known greater mouse-eared bat in Britain and fewer than 1,000 grey long-eared bats.

Designed to combat loss of habitat, one of the biggest causes of bat decline, the 'bat box office ' measures 40cm x 40cm and is the exact miniature replica of a traditional cinema, featuring show lights, listing and six tiny roost seats.

The partnership between NOW and The Bat Conservation Trust has been launched by TV presenter and conservationist Ben Fogle. He was joined by Griff – a rescue Noctule bat sadly injured following a cat attack before being rehomed by ecologist and bat rehabilitation expert Amy Schwartz.

Ben said: "It's an honour to have installed the first bat box office today with a helping hand from the gorgeous Griff. Now more than ever, we need the public to bring out their inner Batman and help protect one of the UK's most endangered native animals.

"I know there's a Super Hero in all of us and it's our duty to safeguard and raise awareness for these species that are at risk."

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