Ben Fogle has been "Beano-fied".

Ben Fogle has been Beano-fied

Ben Fogle has been Beano-fied

The TV adventurer has teamed up with the beloved comic and Ocado to launch a Food Waste Cookbook, and to celebrate the release, the 49-year-old star - who has Ludo, 14, and Iona, 11, with wife Marina - was thrilled to get his very own cartoon likeness, which sees him serve as Bananaman's sidekick in the book, as well as making an appearance in an upcoming issue of Beano.

He said: "As an avid Beano reader as a child, it’s fantastic to now be part of a real Beano comic strip, as well as their first ever cookbook with Ocado.

"Throughout the process of being Beano-fied and the recipe and comic creation, I’ve had lots of conversations with my own children about how we can make the most of fresh ingredients, so that groceries last longer, and have fun in the kitchen in the process!”

The cookbook has been created to help families use up some of the most commonly wasted foods and features recipes named in honour of some of Beano's most famous characters, including Nearly Gone-offee Pie’, ‘Jammy Dodger French Toast’ and ‘Bangers and Gnash'.

It also features games and tips to educate children on making the most out of fresh food.

Mike Stirling, Beano’s Director of Mischief said: “Our first-ever cookbook, launched with Ocado, has been inspired by our readers, who care deeply about helping the planet. Dennis, Bananaman and their friends have come up with fresh recipes to encourage less food waste and more great food taste.

"Beano readers and fans can now enjoy the Jammy Dodger French Toast, the Nearly Gone-offee Pie or the other recipes for the whole family, tried and tested in Beanotown.”

The cookbook has launched after new research showed more than half of parents - 56% - have never had a conversation with their children about food waste, while 37% of kids said they'd like to cook more with their family at home.

Those looking to get their hands on the free cookbook should add October’s edition of Ocado Life to their baskets for a physical copy (available from 27th September), or download a digital version at

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