Bear Grylls stays healthy by eating testicles.

Bear Grylls gorges on animal testicles

Bear Grylls gorges on animal testicles

The adventurer has explained the health benefits of eating animal organs such as liver, heart and testicles having previously lived as a vegan.

The 48-year-old star says that his diet is built around "grass-fed, good quality" red meat, raw dairy and fruit as well as organs but he steers clear of bread and pasta and avoids processed foods.

Grylls, who has put his face to a new range of dietary supplements, said in an online video: "The way I build all of my meals is around... good quality red meat. I always throw in a bit of liver as well every few days."

The former soldier added: "We need more organs than just liver.

"We should be eating pancreas and heart and testicles. All that is so good ancestrally and naturally."

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