Four is the magic number for frisky Brits.

POF Route to Romance Guide

POF Route to Romance Guide

New statistics released by the dating app, Plenty of Fish, reveal the average British person holds out until the fourth date to have sex with a new partner.

Most people will wait until date number two to pucker up but at least a quarter steal a kiss on the first date.

Despite four being a magic number for sex, one in ten (14 per cent) cautious courters admit they've stopped seeing someone due to receiving a message too early, preferring those who ''play hard to get''.

Plenty of Fish is an free online dating app - which has a reported 900 million users who are on a quest to find love - and based on the report's findings, the website has created a 'Route to Romance Guide' which notes the timings for key moments in a developing relationship.

Shannon Smith, spokesperson for Plenty of Fish said: ''In the early days of a relationship, sweating over the small stuff like when to send a message and when to ask someone on a date can often have you wasting valuable time worrying instead of revelling in your new romance.

We hope our Route to Romance will give nervous daters a guideline for when to message their dates, meaning they can focus on the most important part, conversations, which happen more on Plenty of Fish than on any other dating offering.''