A range of clothes has been designed for dead people.

A range of clothes for dead people goes on sale

A range of clothes for dead people goes on sale

The 'Over My Dead Body' collection aims to reassure folk at death's door that they'll look amazing for eternity because according to new research, 85% of Brits have thought about what they'll wear at their funeral.

The range of mens' and women's clothing, jewellery and accessories were modeled by women in coffins.

The survey carried out by Lyst found over a half of women would choose a high fashion couture outfit, while a third would opt for their nightwear.

Almost a quarter of those surveryed would pick sportswear and for ladies, stilettos are the popular footwear of choice.

Katherine Ormerod, editorial director of Lyst, told The Mirror newspaper: ''What we wear is such a huge reflection of who are and our personalities that it's unsurprising that people now have a clear picture of what they want to be buried in.

''They say life's too short for boring clothes, we agreed and took it one step further.

''Death is too long to get your last outfit wrong.''