Snacking on nuts could extend your life.

Eating nuts can keep people alive for longer

Eating nuts can keep people alive for longer

Iranian researchers have discovered that a particular type of fibre found in the popular food item cuts the risk of dying from heart disease by 43 per cent.

Dr. Hanieh-Sadat Ejtahed, of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, said: "We found that consuming fibre could help you live longer.

"It's worth noting that the type of fibre seems to make a difference.

"Eating foods high in insoluble fibre, like wheat bran, tend to be more influential in reducing mortality risk compared to consuming soluble fibre like oat bran, barley and lentils."

Fibre is a nutrient that is found in fruits, vegetables and nuts which helps people to feel full after eating and aids the digestive process.

Previous findings have revealed that eating more fibre reduces the danger of a number of health issues - including stroke, Type 2 diabetes and bowel cancer.