Eating eggs stops people from getting angry.

Eggs can make a person feel calmer

Eggs can make a person feel calmer

A new study has found that the body uses a compound inside the breakfast staple to make serotonin, the chemical that makes human beings feel happy.

Experts are convinced that the amino acid tryptophan holds the key after tests on men saw aggression reduced by 60 per cent.

Researchers at Shahid Beheshti University in Iran studied 168 men aged between 35 and 55 who had been referred for aggression counselling by their place of work.

Their diets were compared to those who had not been referred and the study concluded that those eating the most protein were less likely to show aggression.

Eating apples, oranges, cucumbers and tomatoes also helped to tame a person's temper.

Dr. Behnaz Aribi said: "Tryptophan is abundant in eggs, and affects plasma levels of tryptophan and, therefore, brain levels of serotonin.

"A diet containing high-quality protein, fruits, and vegetables can have a protective role against aggression."