A study has proved people are most likely to move home after a paranormal experience.

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Research conducted by specialist insurance broker Towergate has shown 49 per cent of British people have experienced paranormal activity in their home and one in eight people living in Britain have been forced to move out because they feared their humble abode was plagued by spirits.

Speaking about the results a spokesperson from Towergate, Drew Wotherspoon, said:

''When there are stories of something strange in a neighbourhood this can be a huge turn off for potential buyers. Some people thrive on stories of haunted houses, and can use tales of things going bump in the night to their advantage.

''What is clear from this research is that spooky vibes can be real deal breakers when it comes to buying and selling properties - and this makes it a scary time for sellers.''

Additional research from the study revealed 30 per cent of homeowners have admitted to asking for a 20 per cent drop in the asking price if a house was haunted.