Ireland's robot football team has triumphed in the prestigious RoboCup tournament.

Ireland has triumphed at the prestigious RoboCup

Ireland has triumphed at the prestigious RoboCup

The RoboEireann team consists of staff and students from the Departments of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at Maynooth University and they saw off competition from Germany, USA, Australia and Brazil to win the Challenge Shield in the RoboCup 2023 Standard Platform League in Bordeaux, France.

The tournament required all competitors to use identical robot hardware but they had to develop their own software to help the bots play the game independently.

Team coach Dr. Rudi Villing said of the Irish success: "RoboCup is an invaluable practical environment for students to learn about the challenges of creating intelligent humanoid robots, to research and develop solutions, and to develop industrially relevant skills.

"The competitive element is a key motivator for them and is unlike anything else. Our great result in this competition builds on our Open Challenge win in the RoboCup 2011 world championship and third place finish in the RoboCup German Open Replacement Event 2022."