A man was stunned to discover his own grave at a cemetery, despite being very much alive.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

Alan Hattel - from Tayside in Scotland - wasn't contacted by anybody for months and now suspects that people thought he had died.

Alan said: ''My phone hasn't rung for three or four months. I've been confused by it all but now I know why nobody has been calling.

''I don't even want to be buried - I plan to be cremated.''

The 75-year-old feels that his ex-wife is responsible for his name appearing and plans to contact the local council to put a cover over the headstone.

Alan added: ''I've never, ever said I wanted to be buried alongside my ex-wife.

''We've been separated 26 years and there's no animosity but I'm struggling to take it all in.

''To find out you have a gravestone in a cemetery while you are still alive isn't something that happens every day.''