A woman refused to buy her daughter a present for her 13th birthday to "teach her a lesson".

Mother refuses to buy daughter presents for 13th birthday

Mother refuses to buy daughter presents for 13th birthday

The new teenager's mother was frustrated with her child for repeatedly changing her mind about what gift she wanted for the big birthday, and so she decided to get her nothing at all.

Writing on Reddit, she explained: "My daughter turned 13 yesterday. I made sure to ask her what she wants for her birthday a few months in advance. She gave me a list. Great.

"I explained she won't be getting everything from the list as it was big and some things were expensive. She understood.

"About a week after we had that conversation, she tells me she wants tickets to a show for her birthday.

"Going to the show would also mean traveling a little out of the city. Neither are cheap.

"So I told her that would be the only gift she would get and would also replace a party. She said that's what she wants and I triple checked before I booked tickets."

However, the child later "changed her mind again" and instead told her mother she wanted clothes.

The mum added: "I told her I already booked everything so there's absolutely no way. She got into a strop about it and said she isn't going.

"I told her fine I'll take someone else, fully expecting her to later apologise and say she is coming.

"But the apology never came. In fact her attitude got worse and she got into trouble at school. She asked me if I got her the clothes and I told her no, I'm sticking to my word. I don't think she believed me."

The girl branded the woman "the worst mother ever" when she woke up on her 13th birthday to find no presents.

She continued: "I told her she's learned a valuable lesson. I really wanted to make her birthday special but she was being awful. Of course other relatives got her things but none from me.

"She told her grandparents her side of the story. Which was of course all one sided making her out as a victim.

"They called me and I explained to them the whole truth. They also think I'm awful and the "poor girl" needs gifts from her mother. I told them next year will be different if she behaves."