A Scottish school boy was chased home by a snake, according to his mum.

A mother in Scotland says her son was chased home by a snake

A mother in Scotland says her son was chased home by a snake

The woman - who alerted the local police - is pleading people to be “aware” and claims that her son was terrorised by the slithering reptile - who lunged and hissed at him - while at football practice in the Inverness town of Milton.

The mother - who wanted to remain anonymous - told the Sun: “Beware. Please be aware there is a snake roaming about.

“My son has just been chased by it on his way out of the park. He only clocked it after it started hissing at him then coming towards him.

“It appeared to be very big so not sure if it’s someone’s pet snake that has managed to escape.”

People were reluctant to believe her tale, citing the cold weather as a hindrance to the snake.

She responded: All I wanted to do was alert people to the safety aspect of what had happened because it’s a busy park.

The mum - who also informed the SPCA - continued: “And I thought it might help the owner find their snake if it was lost.”

Chief Superintendent Mike Flynn said, “We received a report to our helpline yesterday evening of a snake sighting.”

He refuted any idea it was venomous as only adders fit that description in the UK, saying it likely a lost pet.

“Encountering an exotic snake is highly unusual.”