An ''embarrassed'' mum was left covered in her daughter's poo after she slid down a slide in a park naked.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

Brittany Berry took her to kids to the playground and much to her horror her daughter Sadie had an accident on the slide.

At first she thought it was just a wee, but she soon realised her little girl had done a number two.

Unfortunately Brittany, from Kentucky, USA, only had four wet wipes and ended up getting Sadie's poop all over her.

In a viral Facebook post, she shared: ''I've debated on sharing this, just because it's so embarrassing and I failed as a mother on so many different levels.

''But I think it needs to be said, if only to serve as birth control for the younger generation.

''At one point Sadie goes down the slide and then walks in front of me and I see 'wet' shorts.

''Then I start to change her and I realize it's a poop-trophe.

''I'm talking on of them poops you usually see in a newborn, where it's all up then back and down their legs and you contemplate just throwing the whole baby away.

''Still I'm not panicked, been there, done that, multiple times.

''I get a diaper and wipes, the wipes feel light. I start cleaning her up and there's only FOUR wipes.

''This isn't a four wipe kind of poop it's pressure washer or open fire hydrant kind of poop. (sic)''