A patient undergoing life-threatening heart surgery sang a folk song after his operation.

Bekir makes a song and dance over op

Bekir makes a song and dance over op

A 66-year-old man called Bekir Demirtas underwent the invasive operation after suffering a triple heart bypass, which saw his heart stop beating 40 times in one hour during the four-hour operation.

Despite the medical procedure Bekir still showed he had soul and vitality when he began to perform his own rendition of a popular folk song once he regained consciousness.

Although Bekir had to have his heart massaged to re-start it and a heart pump fitted, he now feels he could ''wrestle and fight, and even dance''.

Speaking to the Mirror Online, he said: ''Previously my heart would ache, I would have shortness of breath. Now I have no such a problem. I could wrestle and fight, and even dance.''