A petition has been launched to change the 2D representation of a football on road signs.

Football petition

Football petition

Comedian Matt Parker started the plea because he thinks the traffic sign, which has been used since 1994, displaying the sporting equipment made from hexagons is ''mathematically impossible'', the BBC News has reported.

Matt said: ''The football shown on the UK street signs (for football grounds) is made entirely of hexagons.

''But it is mathematically impossible to construct a ball using only hexagons. Changing this to the correct pattern of hexagons and pentagons would help raise public awareness and appreciation of geometry.''

Although more than 20,000 people have signed the petition already, the Department for Transport has said they won't be making any changes.

They said: ''The Government considers the current football symbol has a clear meaning and is understood by the public.

''The purpose of a traffic sign is not to raise public appreciation and awareness of geometry which is better dealt with in other ways.

''The detail of the geometry would also not be taken in by most drivers who were merely looking at the sign for direction.

''The higher level of attention needed to understand the geometry could distract a driver's view away from the road for longer than necessary which could therefore increase the risk of an incident.''