Neighbours have started a petition to change the name of their road.

Bell End petition

Bell End petition

The residents of Bell End - which leads on to Mincing Lane - in West Midlands are trying to convince Sandwell Council to change the name as they claim they have become a laughing stock due to the sexual connotations attached to the word.

So far only 11 people have signed the petition on which reads: ''As you may be aware, the term Bell End can be seen and used as a rude and/or an offensive word.

''As well as this, it can affect people and children including children being bullied and teased at school and generally now become a laughing stock as seen very recently on Facebook and other social media sites and it's time for a change.

''We want the local Sandwell Council to acknowledge our name change request to a new road name and at the least to a similar name.''