A pigeon has been eaten alive by a hawk.

Pigeon eaten alive by a hawk

Pigeon eaten alive by a hawk

The gruesome attack on East 161 Street in the Bronx area of New York City on Sunday (27.11.16) was captured on video by Ernesto Robles.

Speaking about the incident, reported by The Scottish Sun, Mr Robles said: ''I was absolutely gobsmacked. I have never seen a hawk in New York City before so to see such a huge one feasting on a car was a real surprise. While walking home from the Yankee Stadium track I spotted its wings spread wide out of the corner of my eye.''

Moments after the pigeon was spotted perching on top of a black car, a red-tailed hawk swooped down and began to tear its carcass apart.

The hawk paused to stare down the lens of Mr Robles' camera, as if to ward him off, before it continued to gulp down its catch.

Mr Robles said: ''My presence didn't put it off eating, but there was no way I was getting closer. It must have stayed eating on the car for at least five minutes before flying off.''

This incident follows a similar bizarre bird banquet, which took place the day before (26.11.16), four miles from Columbia University, where another bird of prey was spotted eating another dead bird.