Pizza Hut Delivery is introducing a new limited-edition five-cheese stuffed crust.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut

The popular restaurant chain's new Italian cuisine features a combination of Edam, Gouda, red Leicester and vintage cheddar that has been stuffed inside the outer area of the doughy meal, as well as an additional sixth crust and Emmental added on top.

The new creation has been designed to cater for the ''consumer demand'' and for those who simply cannot get enough of the dairy product.

However, the tasty treat will only be available exclusively via delivery, and customers will be able to upgrade their favourite pizza for just £2.99 with the perfect food for cheese lovers.

Speaking about the new style of pizza, Sales and Marketing Director at Pizza Hut Delivery UK, Beverley D'Cruz, said: ''The launch of the five-cheese stuffed crust has been developed to cater to consumer demand and we hope all the cheese lovers out there enjoy the latest innovation from Pizza Hut Delivery.

''This innovation is part of our continued focus on improving customer experience. We have a new website and app with delivery tracker and Deal Bot which uses AI to help you find a great deal, and new delivery pouches to keep your pizzas oven hot!''

The cheesy pizza will be available for foodies to enjoy nationwide until January 1.