Eating popcorn on a daily basis slashes the risk of dementia.

Popcorn cuts the risk of dementia

Popcorn cuts the risk of dementia

A new study suggests that including the popular cinema snack in your diet is associated with a lower risk of cognitive decline.

The research found that people who ate more whole grains - such as oats and quinoa - were 8.5 years cognitively younger than those who consumed reduced amounts.

Study author Dr. Xiaoran Liu, of Rush University in Chicago, said in a statement: "With Alzheimer's disease and dementia affecting millions of Americans, finding ways to prevent the disease is a high public health priority.

"It's exciting to see that people could potentially lower their risk of dementia by increasing their diet of whole grains by a couple of servings a day."

It was also found that whole grains were linked to lowering cholesterol, insulin levels and blood pressure.