A prankster requested for a giant steel penis to be delivered to a friend who was celebrating his birthday.



Metal workshop Latham's Steel Doors said that the X-rated request was one of the strangest designs they have ever had to work on.

The company would typically ignore such requests but decided to go ahead with the phallic piece to raise cheer amongst warehouse staff after a challenging year.

The customer also added some specifications for the seven-foot penis so his friend could get the most out of the 'gift'.

They said the order must be: "At least 7ft tall and delivered outside the house surreptitiously to ensure maximum visibility and embarrassment.

"Self-standing and thick enough to make it difficult to get rid of.

"Welded to make it difficult to take apart.

"Engraved with a happy birthday message.

"Wrapped with enough polystyrene balls so that, when opened, they’d have to clean that up too.

"Galvanised so that they could keep it in their garden if they wanted to keep it."