A pregnant woman has claimed that her husband is forcing her to have his parents in the room when her baby arrives.

Pregnancy angst

Pregnancy angst

The woman has turned to fellow internet users in a bid to address the issue, revealing she is trying to resist her husband's wishes and asking for some much-needed advice.

She wrote in a post on Quora: ''I'm pregnant and my husband is forcing me to have his parents in the delivery room, but I don't want that. What should I do?''

The post attracted more than 100 responses, with Sharon Kaufman among those who have offered her support.

She said: ''The delivery room is not a place for a social gathering.

''First off, the delivery room must maintain exceptionally high standards of hygiene to ensure that mother and baby do not acquire life-threatening infections.

''Second, childbirth isn't pretty. There's blood and bodily fluids to be seen in both normal deliveries and C-sections, and the mother may cry out. Many people, including big strong men, cannot watch childbirth in person without fainting or becoming nauseated or emotionally upset.''