A pub responded to negative Facebook reviews by getting staff to wear them on their uniforms.

Pub responds to critics

Pub responds to critics

The owners of The Assembly in Urmston, Greater Manchester were shocked by comments left online by people who thought the prices of their craft beers were too high.

Sean and Sophie Robinson decided to hit back by getting the negative feedback printed on the shirts worn by their staff.

Speaking to the Metro, they explained: ''We saw it all kicking off in the local Facebook group about our bar. We have only been open three weeks and the feedback at the bar is 99% positive.

''You can either ignore it and stay quiet, you can defend yourself and get in too deep or you can take the humorous side. So I went to the t-shirt printers.

''I think people are seeing the funny side of it. A few of the people who have their complaints on the shirt messaged us and said they had been in a few more times since and there were no hard feelings.''