A study has proved young boys spend 30 days playing video games in one year.

Boys free time

Boys free time

Research carried out by Cartoon Network has revealed boys aged between six and 12 years old waste 29 days and nine hours glued to the latest gadget or console, and will be reprimanded by their parents 161 times a year, which is the equivalent to three times a day.

The study has also proved out of the 1,200 people within the age bracket will have an average of 10 friends, who they invite over to their house 67 times within 12 months.

Although the research has uncovered boys spend two hours playing outside in the fresh air, despite having 143 pieces of homework to complete, the preferred past time in reading.

Speaking about the research the Programming Director of the Kids Channels UK and Ireland, Sean Gorman, said: ''This insight into how boys spend their time is a real eye opener - particularly their keen interest in books, dedication to homework and the fact that their good behaviour outnumbers their mischief making by three times. Like Ben Tennyson, the superhero in 'Ben 10', British boys have active lives, going to parties, spending time with their friends and riding their bikes outside.''

Meanwhile, the children's broadcasting network is set to launch the new series of 'Ben 10', which will hit the channel at 10am on weekends.