Sunbathing decreases the prospect of obesity.

Sunbathing can reduce the chances of obesity

Sunbathing can reduce the chances of obesity

People are less likely to feel hungry on hot and sunny days and research has explained the reasons why.

UV radiation reduces the levels of hunger hormones in the body which raise appetite but the stress hormone norepinephrine increases at the same time - increasing the breakdown of fat and preventing weight gain.

Researchers at South Korea's Seoul National University Hospital found that mice exposed to UV radiation for a period of 12 weeks did not gain weight, regardless of which diet they were fed.

The experts have been left so encouraged by the results that they believe they could use the benefits of UV rays to treat obesity in a manner that does not increase the risk of skin cancer.

Lead researcher Dr. Jin Ho Chung said: "This study elucidates the mechanism by which UV exposure can increase appetite while inhibiting weight gain.

"Notably, the fact that UV radiation lowers leptin levels and increase norepinephrine, thereby promoting the browning of subcutaneous fat and increasing energy expenditure, provides a groundbreaking clue for the development of obesity treatment strategies."

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