Fears are growing in the United States about an invasion of "super pigs" from Canada.

The US is under threat from an invasion of 'super pigs'

The US is under threat from an invasion of 'super pigs'

The population of the feral hogs - which have been described as "the most invasive animal on the planet" by expert Professor Ryan Brook - has soared in the US since 2019 and they are proving extremely difficult to eradicate in northern states.

The swine are capable of spreading disease as well as devastating crops and wildlife.

Researcher Ruth Aschim said: "Wild pigs are ecological train wrecks. They are prolific breeders, making them an extremely successful invasive species.

"Wild pigs can cause soil erosion, degrade water quality, destroy crops, and prey on smaller mammals, amphibians and birds."

States such as Minnesota and Montana are attempting to stop the invasion but Professor Brook warned that hunting the hogs doesn't help the situation as it makes the animals nocturnal - which means they are harder to track down.