Train cancelled when guard went missing

Train cancelled when guard went missing

A train was cancelled because the guard had gone to the supermarket.

Southeastern Trains cancelled a rush-hour service from London to Hastings, in south-east England, because the guard who was supposed to be travelling on the train could not be found by other employees at the station.

He was later spotted by angry commuters in a local branch of Sainsbury's but refused to head back to the station and get on the train because he claimed he was having his break.

Regular commuter, Julia Harris, has branded Southeastern services a ''rip-off'' after the debacle, which saw her journey delayed by more than an hour.

She said: ''We were sat there thinking, 'how much of a break does this guy need? How labour intensive is his job really? When was the last time I had ten minutes to pop to Sainsbury's for my lunch? Or did I take sandwiches because I can't actually leave my desk?' So he had no sympathy.''