People who cram in all of their exercise at the weekend get the same health benefits.

Exercising at the weekend has the same benefit

Exercising at the weekend has the same benefit

A major study found that "weekend warriors" have a similarly low risk of heart disease and strokes as those who spread their physical activity across the week.

Experts analysed the data from 90,000 adults in the UK Biobank study, who wore devices that recorded their exercise on each day of the week.

42 per cent were classified as "active weekend warriors" who did most of their physical activity in the space of one or two days but the outcome shows that exercising over a shorter timespan did not change the health boost provided.

Dr. Patrick Ellinor, a cardiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, said: "Our findings suggest that efforts to improve physical activity, even if concentrated within one to two days of the week, should be beneficial for cardiovascular risk.

"It appears that it is the total volume of activity, rather than the pattern, that matters most."