A wife suspected her husband was cheating on her because of his buzz cut and change of clothes - and a relationship expert agreed with her.

A sudden interest in fashion

A sudden interest in fashion

The woman was worried her man was being unfaithful after he got a new haircut, and developed a sudden interest in fashion, leaving her concerned for their romance.

Writing to the love life guru at Mosman Daily, she said: ''Recently he's become secretive about his phone - he never leaves it lying around anymore and he's changed the password.

''He has also started buying himself trendy new outfits (which look ridiculous) and he's sporting a new buzz cut. I've never been one to snoop, but I'm sorely tempted.''

Rather than putting her mind at ease, the relationship expert actually agreed with her.

Val Edwards, who runs the column Suspicious Mind, responded: ''If it quacks like a duck and looks like a duck it probably is a duck! The evidence suggests he is having an affair.''

She even claimed she should ''engage a Magnum PI to check his movements''.