A woman has claimed that an active sex life saved her after her husband spotted a cancerous lump on her breast.

Sex Life

Sex Life

Tina Gray and her husband Dez made an effort to keep the spark alive when she went through the menopause two years ago and she now credits her spouse for helping her find the cancerous mass on her breast.

Tina, who hails from Hampshire, said: "It was such a huge shock when we found the lump - you do momentarily find yourself facing your own mortality.

"As soon as Dez felt the lump, he knew something wasn't right.

"I trusted his judgement and went straight to a doctor - after all, who would be more familiar with my breasts than my husband?

"Menopause has brought us closer than ever. We became more intimate and Dez grew very interested in my boobs, which has now meant he's saved my life."

Tina underwent surgery to have a lump in each breast removed before the cancer spread.