A woman loves the colour pink so much that she married it.



Kitten Kay Sera - who bills herself as “the pinkest person in the world” - has made history by tying the knot with her favourite colour in a Las Vegas ceremony.

Kitten - who says she had spent over £1 million on pink things - took inspiration for the “biggest day of her life” - which boasted a pink Chevrolet and a pink ring - from a child.

On an Instagram post, she wrote: "A very special thank you to @bigsugarbakeshop WOW!!! My wedding cake & cupcakes were fantastic! I am so honoured to have you featured at the biggest day of my life!

In a previous interview about sporting the colour everyday, she said: "I felt fabulous. I thought, if wearing that much pink could make me feel fantastic, why not wear pink every day?

"I wanted to feel and look pretty in pink every day. I sold my car so I had enough money to leave my hometown of Houston, Texas, and head for the bright pink lights of Hollywood."