Women are attracted to men who smile.

Women prefer smiling men like Tom Cruise

Women prefer smiling men like Tom Cruise

Scientists have found that the fairer sex have a preference for softer faces like the one possessed by Tom Cruise compared to the masculine features of the likes of Daniel Craig.

Experts say it is a form of "threat management" in the female brain as women reject men who they perceive to be "less warm, emotional, honest, and cooperative".

A team from the University of Porto in Portugal asked 84 women to edit computer images of male faces to make them more attractive and it was found that they made the least changes to smiling faces while heavily altering angry appearances.

Psychology student Mariana Carrito said: "We found emotional expression does impact women's preferences.

"Masculine men may be perceived as dominant and high status but also as unsuitable partners.

"A preference for more feminine male faces may be an attempt to avoid negative behaviour.

"The expression of happiness neutralises the perception of anger."