With Always, I wanted to write a book where someone would be willing to be hurt in order to save his partner hurting. Basically, one character thinks the other wants to split up with him, so to save his boyfriend having to do the splitting, he does it for him. Sort of a “do anything for the one you love” theme.


If you could have dinner with any author who would it be?


Without a doubt, Stephen King.


Why did you want to write about hurting to save the one you love?


Because it’s something I would do. I just wanted to apply it to paper to see how it worked out. It was interesting as it threw up many emotions. Hopefully I got them across in the book!


How often do you think people leave their partner in order to prevent hurt?


I’d say it was pretty rare. People tend to want to hold on, to make things work, because the emotions involved are so strong and upsetting. To walk away, let your partner go, because you love them that much is a very difficult thing to do, I imagine.


You release your publications very fast, with one coming out each month, what is your writing process to meet these deadlines?


I write every weekend. Luckily I can manage many words in one day, and once I’m in the groove I just keep going. I put earplugs in and only allow myself to get up for a walk/rest after I’ve completed a chapter. It’s discipline, that’s all. If you want people to read your work badly enough, you’ll sit down and write without fail.


What are the advantages of e book publishing for you?


Being published for a start! I honestly believe that if e-pubs hadn’t come along, I’d still be struggling with the traditional route. I love the fact that there are more options for authors these days. Back when I started it was sending a manuscript in through snail mail with a SAE ready for when they send it back with a big fat NO! LOL.


What advice could you give to an aspiring erotic fiction writer?


Oh, just sit down and write. Just let your mind go free and splash it all out on the page. Edit it to death when you’ve finished. To begin with, just relax, forget the rules, and go, go, go! You only live once. If it’s a dream you’ve had, what’s stopping you? A couple of hours a weekend and before you know it you have a book. Brilliant!


What is next for you?


At the moment I’m writing Voices #5, which is almost complete. Then it’ll be onto #6 and maybe a few shorties in between!


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