Blinded is a serial of a novel about two men who have known one another since they were children. By around sixteen, they knew they were gay and loved each other, but unfortunately, childhood friends and one of the men’s parents were anti-gay, making it difficult for them to get together. They part after one is threatened, one remaining in their hometown, the other moving away to a small village. They remain in touch via telephone and emails then, after a couple of years, get together again. However, the childhood friends have never forgotten them being gay and follow them, first to the village, then to where they are sharing a holiday. It seems they’ll never be left in peace!


You used to be an editor, so how much has this aided your own writing process?


It helps a lot. I tend to write pretty cleanly, the first draft near enough being the last before submission apart from a final read through. All the rules seem to stick with me as I write, occurring naturally without me having to think about them.


Why did you decide to write under two other pen names?


I wanted to keep the M/M and M/F separate so readers would know which book they would be getting from each author. So Natalie Dae was born for M/F, but as her I started leaning heavily towards BDSM, so if I wanted to write something else by her it might upset readers who were expecting a tale about the lifestyle. So Geraldine O’Hara came along, and as her I write mainly humorous, light-hearted books.


You are a cover artist, so can you give us some examples of your work?

Of course!






The Curse of the Tiger


















                                                             Stealing Life











Breaking The Devil


Please tell us a bit about your previous publications.


Natalie Dae is published with Total-E-Bound, Harper Collins, Ellora’s Cave, Freya’s Bower and Decadent Publishing. I also have a self-published super-novel on Amazon. I also write with Lily Harlem and Sam Crescent, and the name we use for the Natalie/Lily co-authors is Harlem Dae. Sarah Masters had many books out with a previous publisher and they’re in the process of being revamped and republished with Total-E-Bound. It was good to revisit them, as over the years you learn many news things and I was able to make changes to those books and polish them even more.


What attracted you to writing about gay erotic fiction?


I noticed, while writing M/F, that I was more comfortable writing from the man’s POV. So I tried M/M and it fitted for me.


What is your writing process?


I tend to have a theme, a line or a title come into my head so I open a document and just start writing. I don’t know where it’s going, and that’s the beauty of it for me. I just let it come out as it wants to. I find forcing it makes me not want to write it anymore. I generally have a word count goal every Saturday, which is 10K. I stick earplugs in, and once that happens, the words just flow out. I’m very lucky in that I don’t get writer’s block very often, and I can type fast so tend to have good word counts each weekend. I tell myself I can do this or this after I’ve written a chapter—like I can get up and make a sandwich or a drink—then give myself another goal for after I’ve written the next one. I’ve also found that having no internet access when writing is a massive help. It only serves to distract me if I know I can click off my document and nose around on Facebook. Doing that doesn’t get the book finished.


What is next for you?


I have many irons in the fire at the moment. I’m writing the next in my Voices novel series by Sarah Masters. As Natalie I’ve just finished a short story BDSM trilogy (A Bit of Strange) with Lily Harlem, plus a novel trilogy (Sexy as Hell)—then we have spin-off books from the latter which will be about the secondary characters, of which there are many! I’m also writing a BDSM novel called The Dismissive Submissive. I have several tales stored up for Geraldine, which are mainly crazy emails from a friend of mine who tells me things going on in her life and allows me to use them as a springboard (very loosely, of course!). I also plan a BDSM novel trilogy by Natalie, but other than it being BDSM, I have no idea what it will be about!

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