Winging It begins with the protagonist Emily in the middle of labour, as she brings her little girl Lucy into the world. 

Winging It

Winging It

As a reader you are quite literally thrown into the heart of the excitement, the fear and the uncertainty that comes with having a baby and consequently it grips you from page one.  

What follows is a woman’s transition from being a professional, living with her boyfriend- to becoming a full time mother- and Emily doesn't enter into this new phase without a fight.

The story jumps between Emily’s present and past where it’s safe to say she found her first love. All she wants is to share her current experiences with this person- but something tore them apart 15 years ago and now there’s a void that threatens to stay wide open if Emily doesn’t act now. 

It’s a story about the importance of friendship, forgiveness and acceptance.

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My little girl has just turned two but the memories both good and bad are etched in my brain- Jefferson’s book brought it all back like it only happened yesterday- and made me thankful once more for a full night’s sleep! 

Winging It is so relatable it was actually quite scary at times. The central character Emily does, says and thinks things that were the epitome of my first few weeks and months as a new mum. 

I am sure lots of mums old and new out there will see themselves in Emily and vice versa.  

I think that every new mum will agree- closing one chapter and starting a whole new one is difficult and it’s captured beautifully in this book. 

From thinking you can’t cope to celebrating every small win and finally feeling like you have settled into your new life is everything and you empathise with Emily throughout her journey to reaching a place of peace. 

If you thought you were alone in the weird and wonderful new mum haze- you’re not. 

This book proves that whatever resentful thoughts you have about your partner are normal, if you are willing to give up just about anything for sleep- you are not the first and if you worry you are not a good mum- there are loads of other women out there who feel exactly the same. 

If you’ve had a baby, I cannot recommend this book enough. Ideal for fans of Dummy, The Unmumsy Mum and Lies We Tell Mothers, Winging It will help you to see the funny side of parenting- because if you didn’t laugh you would cry!

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