We all know one member from the royal family of frogs, crown prince of the House Amphibian because of his adventures on the surface and his miraculous transformation into a human. But those who remained in the cold, damp throat of the well were slowly forgotten. Green moss was growing over burying them in oblivion and one day not even the frog prince remembered his family.

Get Published on Female First

Get Published on Female First

 "Duh," sighed the princess the princess and pulled out a sword, which she used as a hairpin, from her elaborate wig, and threw it at the entering footman. The poor servant jumped away so that the sword only pierced the sleeve of his coat.

"Your slimy majesty," he bowed "what can I do for you?"

“Stop this frogdamn dripping ,I'm going crazy here.  Or at least bring me my sunbrella.” The footman pulled out the sword from his sleeve, murmured a “roger” and dashed out from the room. He returned in less than a minute with something which looked like a forget-me-not-blue umbrella but when Princess Grenouilla opened it there was a small light sphere which was glowing in its corner.

 "The last souvenir from my forgetful brother. It is my only sun here" the footman just nodded "what did you say where was his last letter from?" asked the princess in pretended indifference. “From the kingdom just over the well. But if your mossy majesty wants, I can bring you the ..." he couldn't finish the sentence because another sword soared in his direction, this time piercing his sock.

"I told you a million times, I don't want to see the hand writing of that treacherous unfaithful ...duh. He told me he would go up get me a handsome lizard prince or newt duke for husband. And what does he do? Gets married to some unknown princess who is not even featured in the big amphogenealogical codex. I bet he doesn't dare to come home because he is ashamed of his lowly marriage. What can she be? Maybe she is just a tadpole and he is afraid of our laws?  He should know better. Or what is even worse maybe she is a toad! Can you imagine that shame! I bet some of the toads must have some inner beauty but what concerns the outer one... they are very bad at it. And they have absolutely no sense of fashion, wouldn't know one a la mode Parisian dress if it was dancing cancan while singing the Marseilles.

“Don't forget the beret ma'am” said the footman in an almost inaudible voice.

 “The princess already reached for a sword, but after a second thought she started to laugh.

“That was actually a good one, Roger.”

“Thank you Your Majesty.” Said the footman bowing deeply.

“ What should a forlorn princess do? This weather is going to kill my nerves, I don't want to take Xanax like my aunt Baby-Jane; she has barely any life in her. She only jumps around a bit when Mr. Galvani gives her some electric shock. But we should not talk about the failures of the family. Roger bring me my travelling dress.”

“ But...”

“ You know my swords love buts and I am not in the mood of throwing anymore.

“Roger”, said the footman whose real name was Stephen but apparently Princess Grenouilla didn't have the military background he did. He returned with a black stretch overall and a pair of fish-skin boots.

“Thank you very much,” said the Princess and started to undress. Stephen became as red as the lobster from next door and quickly turned away.

“You can turn back, shy boy.” the Princess said. She was a totally different person now, the sense of adventure made her less sour and more lovely and her rich blonde hair was reaching under her waist, the wig was now. Close your mouth or a mosquito will fly in. She laughed when looking at poor Stephen.

“Where is Your Majesty planning to go?” Roger asked, although he already knew the answer. I'm going to find my volatile brother and take a good look at my dear sister in law. Maybe to find myself a handsome and rich husband on the way. I am travelling incognito so I rule out the chance of meeting fortune-hunters.. Men will love me for myself. If I don’t go now, I might spend the rest of my life with you” she laughed “ and we really don’t want that, do we? Farewell, Roger.” She said, jumped up on the bucket rope and got transported towards the light. She blew a kiss when she was still visible then disappeared from Stephen’s view.

“My name is Stephen,” he sighed “and I have loved you for who you are since the first time we met.”