Holly Willoughby is one of Britain’s most-loves presenters. She is a pure and hilarious presence on screen, and her antics with Phillip Schofield on the set of This Morning brings joy to millions as we laugh along with them.

Picture Credit: Century

Picture Credit: Century

Born on February 10th, 1981, Willoughby has had a shining career in television, and is now a beloved presenter. Along with This Morning, she is also known for presenting Dancing on Ice, and Celebrity Juice, with the latter being alongside Fearne Cotton.

She has been working on Reflections for some time, and is excited to finally announce its arrival into the world.

The book is set to explore the theme of beauty, both on the inside and out. Willoughby says she is “finally at a point in my life where I can see a little more clearly. Writing is such a personal process and between these pages you will find many little pieces of me.”

Reflections is set to explore what it means to live a beautiful life in today’s modern world. Now, Willoughby untwines topical and emotional issues, such as body images, burnout and control, with honestly, nuance and insight.

The book will certainly start conversations, whether they’re about how to find the perfect shade of lipstick or foundation that will allow your confidence to grow, reclaiming your sexuality, or treating yourself with more kindness and love; it will also help you on your way to feel beautiful, self-assured, and complete.

Willoughby states that, “We live in a world where so much is about how we present ourselves on the outside, and there is fun to be had here but true beauty comes from within. There is an alignment that needs to happen and finding that balance hasn't always felt so easy.”

Whether you’re an avid reader of self-help books or not, Reflections will definitely be a positive and self-assuring journey into not only loving yourself, but adoring your body, mind, personality, and all the other traits that make us who we are.

Willoughby’s TV presence shows off her witty and hilarious personality, as This Morning seems to be filled with laughter from her and co-host Schofield. However, this release may quieten down and have a more relaxed atmosphere, perfectly suited to aid you in your journey of confidence.

Of course, while the book may be more mellow, we can bet that Willoughby will have some comical anecdotes in there, as well as some truly funny and genuine life stories.

Reflections will be published by Century on October 28th, 2021; the hardback will be £20 upon release, and will also be available in Ebook and Audio form. You can pre-order now!

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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