Which position do you prefer?

Which position do you prefer?

You may have heard of The Deckchair, Thigh Master and The Perch as the famous kamasutra positions but they are especially popular whilst on holiday! No girls, the sweltering sun hasn't made us more adventurous, instead we are finding ourselves in these different position whilst enjoying a summer read.

Mills & Boon, the UK’s most successful publisher of romantic fiction, carried out the survey of over 2000 Britons to find out about their summer holiday reading habits. They found that amongst Brits who read books on holiday, the number one reading position is 'The Deckchair'- were you sit on a sun lounger with legs flat but your top half upright- with 51% agreeing that this was a reading position they had done on holiday. 'The Thigh Master,' came second in the poll receiving 34% of the vote , which sees you sitting on a sun lounger lying flat on the back, with knees up at right angles.

Other positions which were popular amongst Brits were The Seduction / The Propeller position- on a sun lounger lying on their front with a book on the floor- with 33% of women saying this was a preferred position. 20% of females also chose The Curled Angel- on a sun lounger to the side in the foetus position.

The results suggest that we Brit’s like to experiment when it comes to getting the most out of our summer reads, but it seems that we are less likely to be adventurous in the bedroom, with 23% of readers even admitting to spending less time being physically intimate with their partner due to reading on their holiday! It looks like some of us want to focus on getting a sun-kissed look with the suns help only!

The results show that 73% of Brits have read a book on holiday and proves that we definitely won't shy away from the saucy novels with 7% of the people surveyed saying they enjoy a heart racing bonkbuster whilst sunning it up in paradise. 20% of readers prefer a romantic novel when abroad and laugh out loud romantic comedies saw 23% of people having a barell of laughs during their break.

Britons may enjoy an assortment of reading locations whilst on vacation, however 65% of Brits who read on holiday said they actually prefer reading in the shade.

Tara Benson, Head of Marketing at Mills & Boon and ‘Reading Position Enthusiast’ comments: “We Britons are passionate about reading, in particular one third of us enjoy romantic fiction, especially on holiday. At least 30% of us read one book and 25% read two books in the average week away and, just as we look for variety in our stories, so we find variety in our reading positions. I’ll be assuming the Thigh Master position shortly, and I wish everyone a sunny, well-read and relaxing holiday this year."

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