With A-list celebrity clientele, it’s fair to say that Jason Collier has reached the top of his game. After almost two decades in the industry, he’s gone from working a Saturday job in his hometown of Cardiff, to working in prestigious London salons.

Jason Collier talks to Female First

Jason Collier talks to Female First

Although he is now based in Kensington, Jason is never in one place for too long. His work takes him all over the world with major brands and celebrity clientele.

“My celebrity clients include Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller, Eva Longoria, Justin Timberlake, Brooklyn Beckham, Daisy Lowe and many more.”

Jason's success in the hairdressing industry has given him endless opportunities and exciting experiences, so understandably it is difficult for him to pin-point just one career highlight.

“There’s been so many amazing things I’ve had the opportunity to do.

“From winning Marie Claire’s Hairdresser of the Year for 2018, to travelling abroad with my clients, or educating up-and-coming hairdressers all around the world, every day I feel grateful for the incredible opportunities I’ve experienced.”

And his career is taking him further in the coming year. 2019 is sure to be filled with global travel but he hopes his next biggest venture after that will be opening his own salon.

With winter just around the corner, the changing seasons mean new trends, and adapting our hair care routine to maintain healthy locks. So, what are the hair new looks for this upcoming season?

“Relaxed hair is definitely my favourite trend for the upcoming season, in all its variations.

“From messy buns with tendrils hanging loose around the face like Meghan Markle, to relaxed glossy blow-outs or texturized, matte, ‘French-Girl’ hair, I think that a more laidback look is where we’re heading for autumn/winter.

“It’s not quite as effortless to create as it looks, but it’s worth getting this style right as you’ll always look like the coolest girl in the room!”

Jason says we can be harsh on our hair without even realising - and it’s especially important to take extra care in the winter months.

“We go from extremes in temperature, letting it get wet in the rain and blasting it dry with the hairdryer on the highest setting, and then we bundle it up in hats and scarves – it’s a recipe for split ends and breakage!  

“Once a week during the winter, deep-condition the hair with a nourishing hair mask and leave it on for as long as possible before rinsing out, and only use lukewarm water to avoid drying out your hair.

“Squeeze it dry with a microfibre towel, brush gently and use leave-in conditioner sprays daily to try and restore moisture as often as possible. If you can leave your hair to dry once a week then all the better for the condition of your locks too!”

Jason is an ambassador for Shea Moisture, an all-natural brand devoted to offering high-quality hair care for every hair type. He says that using these types of products can help keep hair healthy all year round.

“Whether your hair is fine and flat or kinky and curly, Shea Moisture makes it easy to have beautiful, manageable and healthy hair.

“The collection has such a huge variety of products too, from shampoos, conditioners and masks, to styling creams, texture sprays and gels.

“Alongside all of that, Shea Moisture is sulphate-free and safe for coloured, processed or chemically-treated hair – so literally everyone can select the Shea Moisture product that works for them.”

For some it can be exciting to get a completely new hairstyle to keep up with the latest trends but for others a new 'do means nerves! But Jason has advice for everyone who is thinking about going for a totally new look...

"Don’t rush into it! Yes, sometimes it’s super fun to be spontaneous, but I find that the best thing to do is to really consider a new style before you take the leap.

"If you have waist-length locks but have always fancied a pixie crop, talk to your hairdresser and take it in stages, reducing your length gradually so that you can stop if you feel like you don’t like, rather than just chopping it off in one go.

"If you’ve always had dark hair but fancy being a platinum blonde, try a wig first to see how you feel with a whole new look.

"Hair does grow back, of course, but it takes a long time and it’s such an important part of how you look and how you feel, it’s horrible to look in the mirror and not feel comfortable with how you look. So take your time and really think about it, talk it through with your hairdresser, make moodboards – just be sure before you take the leap, to make sure you’ll love your new look!"

Shea Moisture products are available to buy at Boots.

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