Hasselhoff Nanny Holds Key To Custody Dispute?.DAVID HASSELHOFF - A former nanny could be the smoking gun in DAVID HASSELHOFF's custody battle for his kids after his attorneys persuaded her to come forward with tales about his ex-wife's drug use.Hasselhoff's ex, Pamela Bach, insists she has never been a drug user, despite claims from her former husband that she has a cocaine problem that was proven in court-ordered tests while they were going through their divorce last year (06).And now Hasselhoff's attorneys hope to prove Bach is an unfit mother, by calling in the testimony of the couple's one-time nanny, Becky.Lawyer Marci Levine says, "She clearly was the nanny almost the children's entire lives and she was closely bonded to both of the children."And the lawyers have clearly struck a nerve because an angry Bach lashed out at the nanny, even refuting that was her title, during an interview with US chat show host Larry King earlier this week (begs07May07).She hissed, "She was never a nanny. She was a babysitter, as needed. I've had other babysitters. I've always been a hands-on, full-time mother."She then rambled, "I mean David would lend her my clothes. She had my driver's license. I wanted it back. And it... the last time I... she babysat, she was not at home... I'm really surprised that she has done this."

Levine adds, "Apparently Pamela must feel threatened by her and is angry that Becky... didn't want to take sides in this case, and (she) tried to terminate the relationship between Becky and the children, not withstanding the children's feelings about her."

Hasselhoff's custody rights have been temporarily suspended after he appeared drunk in a recent video shot by his teenage daughter.

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